Why Choose Us

Oil is a great option for fueling your home. Not only does it produce a more consistent, efficient and reliable heat than do electric and gas-powered heat, but it also poses fewer health and fire risks. At Amodio & Sons Fuel & Energy Services in West Haven, CT, we work with customers throughout Southern Connecticut, swapping out their electric, natural gas and propane systems for heating oil systems.

Family-Owned & Operated Since 1964

Amodio & Sons Fuel Oil was founded by Casper F. Amodio in 1964. His goal was to start his own business that would not only support his family but would provide affordable and reliable heating services for the community. His fair and transparent business practices fostered lifelong relationships. Although our name has changed slightly since, Amodio & Sons Fuel & Energy Services, now owned by Casper’s grandchildren, is still to this day focused on providing professional yet personable service.

Amodio & Sons Fuel & Energy Services Team

Our Team is Committed to Providing the Best Possible Service

In order to remain honest and transparent in all of our services, we do not give our staff sales goals that they have to reach. Instead, they are encouraged to adhere to our commitment to integrity. Many of our staff members have worked with us for over 20 years because of the success of our honest, fair, and reasonable expectations. All employees must undergo a rigorous background check and submit character references to ensure the safety of our customers and their personal belongings when we do work in homes. Because of our low-stress, fair and enjoyable work environment, our team is motivated to maintain excellent customer communications and ensure the quality of the end result of our work.

We Offer Better Service Than Larger Dealers & Corporations

Unlike larger companies, Amodio & Sons Fuel & Energy Services is able to provide you with personalized attention and service. What does that mean for you?

  • You have access to 24/7 emergency services. When you need us, our experienced technicians will be there.
  • We guarantee that your oil will be delivered to you even in the worst winter weather.
  • We offer automatic oil deliveries, so you never have to worry about running out.
  • You can pay us on a monthly basis using check or credit, so you always know exactly how much you will be paying – no surprises.

We Utilize State-of-the-Art Tools & Technology, Including:


Digital Combustion and Emission Analyzers

To aid in tuning combustion for highest efficiency.



To aid in balancing of forced air systems.


Propress Tool

Increases efficiency in connecting plumbing joints, while minimizing the risk of immediate and/or future water leaks associated with older sweat and solder techniques.


ZoomLock Tool

Increases efficiency in connecting refrigeration line-set joints, while minimizing the risk of immediate and/or future refrigerant leaks.


Ultrasonic Oil Tank Testing

To aid in the detection of defective oil tanks before they rupture, minimizing associated risks and losses.


GPS Tracking of Fleet

To aid in conflict resolution (oil deliveries to incorrect houses), and to optimize oil delivery and service routes, lowering our operating costs and ultimately our customers’ cost.


In-House Sheet Metal Shop

Where we fabricate our own ductwork – allowing us to be more competitively priced compared to companies that purchase prefabricated ductwork. 


Electric Vice and Pipe Threader

Enables us to fabricate our own steel nipples and ultimately lowers the cost of oil tank and piping installations. 

For emergency service, to schedule a service, or for more information on what sets Amodio & Sons apart, contact us today at 203-934-2651. We look forward to working with you!